CSE 171: User Interface Design: Social and Technical Issues

1. The class notes are not a substitute for the assigned readings! They are often critical commentaries meant to supplement or correct the readings, and sometimes they just reflect what I felt like writing at the time, rather than what is most important. The lectures and the readings beyond the text are at least as important as the text.

2. Readings and homework for a given week will normally be posted on the class website on Thursday and/or Friday of the week before; posted material is subject to change until Saturday, but any changes after Friday will be minimal.

3. Some people may be unable read assigned gziped postscript papers, probably due to using MS Explorer without gunzip and ghostview; the class TA Matt Ratto has written a note on how to set up your PC. You will probably have no trouble with unix machines, and you will certainly have no trouble with the CSE unix machines on campus.