As mentioned in class today, I’ve put two additional pieces of starter code online. The first is Python starter code, and the second is Java starter code. Both implement part of the BlockServer, enough to get you stated. Please use Piazza if you have any questions. The code is available in the “Errata” section of the Project 2 write-up.

To use this code, unpack it in the checked out directory, in parallel with the gen-java or gen-py code.

Also, note that when you run thrift --gen py xxx.thrift if you see any errors, those refer to import statements that are no longer needed. Please remove them. In particular, remove these lines from the thrift files to get rid of the errors:

  • blockServer.thrift, remove:
	typedef shared.serverInfo serverInfo
  • metadataServer.thrift, remove:
	typedef shared.clusterInfo clusterInfo
	typedef shared.files files
	typedef shared.serverInfo serverInfo