CSE 124
2017 October 9: Submitting work

How to submit your work on assignments

The homework spec has a link that takes you to Github.com. Once you click on that link, the website will clone a repository of starter code for you, and give you permission to access it. Clone that repository to your computer, and work on the assignment.

To submit your work, ‘git add’ all the files that are part of your assignment, and run ‘git commit’ to commit them to your repository. It is a good idea to commit code as you go, so that you can restore your code to a previous point if necessary.

Finally, run ‘git push’ to “push” your code to the repository. This is very important, as “commit” doesn’t actually transfer the data to the github servers. To verify that you’ve successfully pushed your code to the repository, you can visit your repo on github.com using your web browser, and you should see your code/solution there. If you have any questions, please let the TAs or I know!