Research Assistant and PhD student at University of California, San Diego, CSE department

La Jolla, CA


Python, PyTorch and NumPy


C, C++


Verilog HDL


Linux (Ubuntu) and Bash Scripting


MATLAB Scripting




Simulink, Stateflow Toolbox (MATLAB), TensorFlow


Documentation (Office Word, Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, LaTex)






FatemehSadat Mireshghallah

"Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare. But if you seek safety, it is on the shore."
-Sa'adi, Iranian Poet

Research Interests

  • Privacy for ML
  • Architectural Support for Machine Learning
  • Computer Architecture
  • Google Scholar
    You can find code for my projects at my GitHub.


  • April 2020: Join us at the "Learning Representation for Cybersecurity" social, where we will be discussing Cybersecurity, ML-Based intrusion and malware detection, privacy-preserving ML and other interesting topics! You can find slides for my talk here. You can also find a reading list of papers here.

  • April 2020: I was chosen as a winner of NCWIT (National Center for Women and IT)'s AiC Collegiate award!

  • March 2020: I virtually presented my paper Shredder in ASPLOS 2020. You can find my presentation video here.

  • December 2019: I was chosen as an NCWIT (National Center for Women and IT) collegiate award finalist!

  • December 2019: Join us in Vancouver for the WiMLDS [NeurIPS Special] Talks + Panel Discussion where I'll be giving a talk on Privacy in Mahcine Learning! You can find my slides for this talk here.

  • November 2019: Our paper DeepMist: Towards Protecting Privacy by Learning Noise Distributions for Partial Neural Inference on the Edge got into 25th International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 20) with less than 18% acceptance rate!

  • October 2019: Our paper Shredder got into NeurIPS19's Privacy in ML workshop!

  • June 2019: I am joining Western Digital's research department as a RAMP Next Generation Platform Technologies Intern.

  • June 2019: Our paper Shredder got into ICML's SPML workshop, let's meet up if you are attending ICML19!

  • April 2019: I am attending ASPLOS19, let me know if you are there!
  • Keep up with me on Twitter for more news!


  • Shredder: Learning Noise Distributions to Protect Inference Privacy with a Self-Supervised Learning Approach, The Thirty-fourth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS19), Privacy in Machin Learning Workshop (PriML19).
    Code available at shredder-v2-self-supervised

  • Shredder: Learning Noise to Protect Privacy with Partial DNN Inference on the Edge Thirty-sixth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML19), Security and Privacy of Machin Learning Workshop (SPML19).
    Code available at shredder-v1

  • Energy-Efficient Permanent Fault Tolerance in Hard Real-Time Systems, IEEE Transactions on Computers, March 2019

  • ReLeQ: An Automatic Reinforcement Learning Approach for Deep Quantization of Neural Networks, NeurIPS ML for systems workshop, December 2018

  • TA Experiences, UC San Diego
    Winter and Fall 2019

  • TA of Accelerator Design for Deep Learning, Graduate Leve, Instructor: Dr. Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
  • Volunteer TA Experiences, Sharif University of Technology
    Fall 2017

  • Head TA of Digital Electronics Course, Instructor: Dr. Siavash Bayat
  • Head TA of Probability and Statistics Course, Fall of 2017, Instructor: Dr. Mohammed Gharib
  • Spring 2017

  • TA of Computer Architecture Course, Instructor: Prof. Hamid Sarbazi-Azad
  • TA of Signals and systems, Spring of 2017, Instructor: Dr. Siavash Bayat
  • Head TA of Probability and Statistics Course, Instructor: Dr. Mohammed Gharib
  • Fall 2016

  • TA of Advanced Programming course, Instructor : Mr. Omid Jafarinezhad
  • Head TA of Numerical Methods course, Instructor: Dr.Mohammed Gharib

  • Professional Services

  • Program Committee member for the LatinX in AI Research Workshop at ICML 2020 (LXAI)

  • Mentor for COVIDathon

  • Reviewer for NeurIPS 2020 Conference

  • GHC (Grace Hopper Celebrateion) 2020 Privacy and Security Committer Member

  • Reviewer for ICML 2020 Conference

  • Reviewer for TACO Journal

  • About Me!

    I like mysteries and puzzles a lot, that is why I enjoy watching police mystery TV series or medical mysteries. I also do clothes designing in my free time, a refreshing activity that helps me focus and clear my mind. I sometimes go jogging after my classes, to get some air and think about ideas for my research. I usually have helpful ideas when I am running or walking and have solved a lot of the problems in my projects while exercising!


    Swimming, Jogging, Clothes Designing, Etymology and language studies

    Curriculum Vitae