I am interested in the areas of Ubiquitous Computing and HCI. Currently I am exploring how vibrotactile communication on mobile phones can be used to facilitate a feeling of connectedness between couples.

I am working with Professor Bill Griswold in the UCSD Ubiquitous Computing and Social Dynamics Group.

Personal Pollution Monitoring: Mobile Real-Time Air-Quality in Daily Life
Elizabeth Bales, Nima Nikzad, Celal Ziftci, Nichole Quick, William Griswold, Kevin Patrick
Tech Report

Supporting a Sense of Connectedness: Meaningful Things in the Lives of New University Students
Elizabeth Bales, Siân Lindley
(CSCW 2013 accepted)
San Antonio, TX

CitiSense:'Improving'Geospatial'Environmental'Assessment'of'Air'Quality'Using'a'Wireless'Personal' Exposure'Monitoring'System
Nima Nikzad, Nakul Verma, Celal Ziftci, Elizabeth Bales, Nichole Quick, Piero Zappi, Kevin Patrick, Sanjoy Dasgupta, Ingolf Krueger, Tajana Rosing, William G. Griswold. (Wireless Health 2013)
San Diego, CA (Best Paper Award)

Planning, Apps, and the High-end Smartphone: Exploring the landscape of modern cross-device reaccess
Elizabeth Bales, Tim Sohn, Vidya Setlur (Pervasive 2011)
San Francisco, CA

CoupleVIBE: Mobile Implicit Communication to Improve Awareness for (Long-Distance) Couples
Elizabeth Bales, Kevin Li, William Griswold (CSCW 2011)
Computer Supported Collaborative Work 2011. Hangzhou, China

Case Study: Faculty Professional Development Workshops for Information Diffusion
Beth Simon, Elizabeth Bales, William Griswold, Stephen Cooper (SIGCSE 2011)
SIGCSE 2011, Dallas, TX

Elizabeth Bales, William G. Griswold, Beth Simon, Aaron Hieber, Michael J. Kelly, James Lintern, David Ouyang (WIPTE 2009)
Workshop on the Impact of Pen-Based Technology on Education, Blacksburg, VA

Reports and Extended Abstracts
Interpersonal informatics: making social influence visible
(CHI EA 2011) Elizabeth Bales, William Griswold
Vancouver, BC

Supporting Unplanned Activities Through Cross-Device Interaction
(Automotive UI 2010) Tim Sohn, Agathe Battestini, Hiroshi Horii, Elizabeth Bales, Vidya Setlur, Koichi Mori
Automotive UI, Pittsburgh, PA

Noncommand Interfaces for Communication Technology in Mobile Settings
(2009) Elizabeth Bales
Research Exam, UCSD CSE Department

CoupleVibe: supporting connectedness in long distance couples with location-based vibrotactile cues
(Ubicomp 2009) Elizabeth Bales, Kevin Li, William G. Griswold
Ubicomp, Extended Abstract, Orlando, FL

To see the Tablet PC project I worked on as an undergraduate please visit the MiKi section of my webpage. I presented this technology as a demo at the Sketch Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBIM) workshop in Riverside California in 2007.