What is a DannerCow?

As a little background, Danner is a Portland, OR based company that makes high quality boots since 1932. They specialize in both work boots and hiking boots. And in fact I own a pair of Danner Expedition boots since 2010 and has accompanied me around the world.

How does this relate to a DannerCow? Well, when I recently visited the Danner Factory Store in Portland, I wanted to pick up a souvenir, but I didn't want to purchase a new pair of boots. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a "cow" made from excess leather scraps (Danner is a boot manufacturer after all), which I've coined a DannerCow.

Interstingly the DannerCow is more than just a nice souvenir. Proceeds from sales of the cow are donated to charities focused on animal welfare.

Pictures coming shortly...