Ph.D. Student
UCSD Computer Science
Office: EBU3B 3254
Resume: pdf | html
(2011) D. J. Hu, L. Bo, X. Ren. Toward Robust Material Recognition for Everyday Objects. To appear at BMVC-2011, Dundee, Scotland

(2010) D. J. Hu, L. J. P. van der Maaten, Y. Cho, L. K. Saul, S. Lerner. Latent Variable Models for Predicting File Dependencies in Large-Scale Software Development. NIPS-10, Vancouver, Canada
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(2009) D. J. Hu, L. K. Saul. A probabilistic topic model for music analysis. NIPS-09 Applications for Topic Models Workshop, Whistler, Canada
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(2009) D. J. Hu, L. K. Saul. A probabilistic topic model of unsupervised learning for musical-key profiles. ISMIR-09, Kobe, Japan
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(2008) J. Matteson, C. K. Kha, D. J. Hu, C. C. Cheng, L. K. Saul, and G. R. Sadler. Campus community partnerships with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits

(2008) C. C. Cheng, D. J. Hu, and L. K. Saul. Nonnegative matrix factorization for real time musical analysis and sight-reading evaluation. ICASSP-08, Las Vegas, NV.
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(2009) D.J. Hu. LDA for images, text, and music. Research Exam, UCSD CSE Department
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Notes I've typed up for work by me and others. Feel free to email me if you have questions or find errors.