Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Text, Images, and Music

Research Exam, UCSD, Summer 2009: [pdf, slides]
Diane Hu, Lawrence Saul

List of Papers/Topics

The Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model
  • (2003) Latent Dirichlet Allocation [pdf]
    [D. Blei, A. Ng, and M. Jordan. Latent Dirichlet allocation. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 3:993-1022, January 2003.]
  • (2004) Finding Scientific Topics [pdf]
    [Thomas L. Griffiths and Mark Steyvers. 2004. Finding scientific topics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, pages 5228-5235.]
Document/Text Modeling
  • (2005) Integrating topics and syntax [pdf]
    [T. Griffiths, M. Steyvers, D. Blei, and J. Tenenbaum. Integrating topics and syntax. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 17, 2005]
  • (2006) Topic Modeling: Beyond Bag-of-Words [pdf]
    [H. Wallach. Topic Modeling: Beyond Bag-of-Words. In ICML, 2006]
  • (2007) Hidden Topic Markov Model [pdf]
    [A. Gruber, M. Rosen-Zvi, Y. Weiss. Hidden Topic Markov Models. In UAI, 2007]
  • (2005) A Bayesian hierarchical model for learning natural scene categories [pdf]
    [L. Fei-Fei and P. Perona. A Bayesian hierarchical model for learning natural scene categories. In CVPR, 2005.]
  • (2005) Discovering Objects and Their Locations in Images [pdf]
    [J. Sivic, B. C. Russell, A. A. Efros, A. Zisserman, and W.T. Freeman. Discovering objects and their location in images. In Proc. ICCV, 2005.]
  • (2006) Using Multiple Segmentations to Discover Objects and Their Extent in Image Collections [pdf]
    [Russell, B. C., Efros, A. A., Sivic, J., Freeman, W. T., & Zisserman, A. (2006). Using multiple segmentations to discover objects and their extent in image collections. In CVPR.]
  • (2007) Spatially Coherent Latent Topic Model for Concurrent Object Segmentation and Classification [pdf]
    [L. Cao and L. Fei-Fei. Spatially coherent latent topic model for concurrent object segmentation and classification. In Proc. ICCV, 2007.]
  • (2009) A Probabilistic Topic Model for Unsupervised Learning of Musical Key-Profiles [pdf]
    [D. Hu and L. Saul. A probabilistic topic model for unsupervised learning of musical key-profiles. Submitted to ISMIR, 2009.]