Teaching schedule

Fall 2015         CSE 101         Algorithms
          CSE 259         Artificial Intelligence Seminar
Winter 2016         CSE 250B         Machine Learning
Spring 2016         CSE 291         Distances, similarities, and embeddings

Some courses from previous years:

CSE 101 Algorithms W03, F03, F05, W07, F07, W09, F11, F12, F13, F14
CSE 103 Probability and statistics W10, F10
CSE 190 Computational linear algebra S09
CSE 250B Machine learning S04, W06, W15
CSE 254 Seminar: inference in graphical models F05
CSE 254 Seminar: embeddings W07
CSE 254 Seminar: deep learning W12
CSE 291 Probabilistic AI S03, S05
CSE 291 Learning theory I (supervised learning) F06
CSE 291 Topics in unsupervised learning F04, S08
CSE 291 Bayesian methods W13
CSE 291 Geometric algorithms S13
CSE 291 Topics in learning theory F14