CSE208 (Winter 2011): Advanced Cryptography - Secure Multiparty Computation

Schedule: Lectures are on Tuesday and Thursday, at 11am-12:20pm, in room EBU3b 4217.
There will be no lecture on Thursday January 27, due to STOC PC meeting.

Course Description

This quarter, the Advanced Cryptography course will focus on Secure Multiparty Computation. Specific topics that will be covered include: definition of secure computation in the presence of passive and active adversaries, variants of the universal composability framework, general feasibility results for 2 party and multiparty computation, recent progress on efficient protocols and the overhead of cryptography, dedicated protocols for special problems (zero knowledge proofs, oblivious transfer, private information retrieval, etc.)

There is not textbook for this course, and relevant reading material (links to lecture notes, research papers, etc.) will be posted on this web page. However, as no textbook level reference material is available for this topic, students are expected to come to lecture and take their own notes during class. If you miss any class, you are responsible to obtain notes from some other student.

Coursework will include a small number of homework assignments, and individual presentations at the end of the course. The presentation can be either a survery of a small number of related papers, or, if appropriate, reporting on a research project carried out as part of this course.

Syllabus / Reading Assignments

Specific topics and relevant reading assignments will be posted here as they get covered during the course. For links to the reading material, see reference section below.


Recent papers on secure computation (TCC 2011, Eurocrypt 2011)