Jianguo Wang, Ph.D.

Database Engineer
Aurora Cloud Database Team
Amazon Web Services, Palo Alto

Email: wjianguo@amazon.com

Jianguo Wang is currently a database engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he works on Amazon Aurora, a distributed database built for the cloud. In particular, he is working on Aurora Globally-Distributed Database, which spans multiple AWS regions, and most importantly, horizontally scales SQL database in the cloud.

Before that, he worked as an intern at Oracle, Microsoft Research, Samsung, and Tencent.

He received the PhD degree in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego, where he was co-supervised by Prof. Yannis Papakonstantinou and Prof. Steven Swanson. He obtained his Mphil and BEng degrees in Computer Science from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Zhengzhou University, respectively.

Research Interests

  • Database systems, e.g., cloud databases, distributed databases, storage engine, index management, transactions

  • Search engine systems, e.g., index, compression, cache, query optimization

  • Modern hardware, e.g., SSD, NVRAM, in-storage computing, SIMD, GPUs

  • Publications [DBLP]

    • WWW 2020, program committee
    • ACM WSDM (2020, 2019), program committee
    • IEEE BigData (2019, 2018), program committee
    • IEEE TKDE (2019, 2018), reviewer
    • IEEE TC (2019, 2018), reviewer

    Working Experience
    • Aurora Cloud Database Team, Amazon AWS, Palo Alto, CA   03/2019 - present
      Project: Aurora Globally-Distributed Database for the Cloud

    • [Intern] Oracle Advanced Development Group, Oracle Inc, Redwood Shores, CA   06-09/2018
      Project: Bloom Filter Compression for In-Memory Databases
      Mentor: Dr. Garret Swart and Dr. Weiwei Gong

    • [Intern] MSR Database Group, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA   06-09/2015
      Project: Optimizing the Bw-tree Indexing for High Performance Transactions
      Mentors: Dr. David Lomet and Dr. Justin Levandoski

    • [Intern] Samsung System Architecture Lab, Samsung Semiconductor Inc, San Jose, CA   06-09/2014
      Project: SSD In-Storage Computing (a.k.a Smart SSD)
      Mentors: Dr. Dongchul Park and Dr. Yang-Suk Kee

    • [Intern] Tencent Search Engine Group, Tencent Inc, Shenzhen, China   03/2013
      Project: Large-Scale Query Log Analysis in Search Engines

    • [Intern] Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China   06/2009-06/2010
      Project: Multidimensional Hierarchical Data Management in Knowledge Base

    Teaching Assistantships
    • CSE132A. Database Systems Principles. University of California, San Diego. Winter 2016.
      Instructor: Prof. Victor Vianu

    • COMP327. Data Structures and Algorithms. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Fall 2012.
      Instructor: Prof. Man Lung Yiu

    • COMP328. Programming Languages: Theory and Applications. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Spring 2012.
      Instructor: Prof. Man Lung Yiu