About the game


Hors Catégorie is an interactive fiction, taking place entirely in a single hotel room, with several subrooms. Unlike many adventure-like interactive fictions, location, possessions, and strength are not the main obstacles of this game, but rather player knowledge and moral choices. The point is to explore the inner conflict of the protagonist and shape his character.

The title of the game comes from the 'out of category' classification of difficult climbs in the Tour de France, where the game is set. The protagonist is a rider in the Tour, just waking, getting ready to take on the day's current stage.

How to play

Like most interactive fiction, the game is played in rounds, each consisting of typing an English-language command at a prompt and getting a response, telling you how the state of the world has changed. Some commands are rejected by the parser, usually telling you that your command was not understood; or that it was, but not allowed by the rules of the game. Only commands that the parser allows cause game time to pass.

The parser only understands simple commands. You must use your imagination to figure out what is allowed and isn't, but to get you started, type 'help' at the game prompt.

The game ends when the protagonist's charater is sufficiently determined, which may involve death or a great ride, for example.

Game development

Hors is the result of a collaboration between Chris Calabro (CSE dept) and David Benin (Communications dept) at UCSD, and was developed between the Spring and Fall of 2007. The game mechanics were largely inspired by Andrew Plotkin's Shade.

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