Brad Calder

(Kaden taking on the snow ... in Seattle)

Adjunct Professor
University of California, San Diego
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla CA 92093-0404 USA

email: calder at cs dot ucsd dot edu

I am now at Microsoft, where I am the General Manager of Windows Azure Storage . This is the storage platform for Microsoft's new cloud operating system called Windows Azure, which we made commercially available February 2010. Windows Azure Storage is a distributed storage platform that is massively scalable, durable, and available. It provides access blob (Windows Azure Blob), table (Windows Azure Table) and queue (Windows Azure Queue) storage in the cloud, and we recently released the capabability to allow Windows Azure applications to mount a network attached durable drive (Windows Azure Drive). For more information on Windows Azure, please see the following links:

I co-direct the High Performance Processor Architecture and Compilation lab with Professors Dean Tullsen , Steve Swanson , and Michael Taylor .

I am also part of the UCSD Programming Systems group

My current/recent research interests include:

We've provided infrastructure to allow you to quickly and accurately determine where you should be spending your program simulation and analysis time. This is called the: Simulation Point Toolkit (SimPoint)

Courses for Winter 2006:

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