I am currently starting up new projects on location-based social media, looking at people's privacy issues when using mobile social media. I am looking for students of all levels (particularly PhD students) who are interested in working with me on these topics. Please email me for more information.

At UCSD I was the Principal Investigator on an NSF funded project: "Transforming Social Science Virtual Organizations". I was studying the diverse intellectual practices of social science research and social scientists' use of communication technologies. These findings will be used to develop new transformative social science cyberinfrastructures. The work build on my previous work on developing and studying mobile technologies and ubiquitous computing.

I am currently working on a project looking at the use of online social networks from mobile devices. My student Nis Bornoe is collecting data from university students in relation to their everyday practices of using Facebook from mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops. This project is funded by a grant from Nokia. Preliminary results were presented at CSCW 2011.