Conference Papers

Shklovski, I., Barkhuus, L., Bornoe. N. and Kaye, J. Friendship Maintenance in the Digital Age: Applying a Relational Lens to Online Social Interaction. To appear in Proceedings of CSCW 2015, Vancouver, March 2015.

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Barkhuus, L. Context Information vs. Sensor Information: A Model for Categorizing Context in Context-Aware Mobile Computing. Paper in the proceedings of Collaborative Technologies and Systems 2003 in San Diego. [pdf]

Journal Papers

Barkhuus, L., Zoric, G., Engstršm, A., Ruiz-Hidalgo, J., and Verzijp, N. (2014). New interaction modes for rich panoramic live video experiences. Behaviour & Information Technology, 33(8), 859-869. Taylor and Francis.[link]

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Book Chapters

Brown, B. and Barkhuus, L. Changing practices of family television watching. In Harper, R. (eds) Connected Home. Springer, 2012.

Barkhuus, L., "Mobile Networked Text Communication: The case of SMS and its Influence on Social Interaction". Chapter in Heilesen and Jensen (eds.): Designing for Networked Communication: Strategies and Development. Idea Group Publishing, 2006. [pdf]

Selected posters, workshops and other papers

Rostami, A.,Savinov, V. and Barkhuus, L. Testing in the Field: Voice Based Interaction for Citizen Reporting in Uganda. To appear in Extended Abstracts of CHI 2015, Korea, April 2015.

Barkhuus, L. and Jorgensen, T. Engaging the Crowd at Large Musical Events. Work in progress, presented at CHI 2008, Florence, Italy. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. and B. Brown, "The Comforting Television - When the Sense of Safety Means Knowing your Show is Always Available". Workshop paper in Ubicomp 2006 workshop: W9: Nurturing Technologies in the Domestic Environment: Feeling Comforted, Cared for, and Connected at Home, Irvine, CA, 18. September 2006.

Barkhuus, L., Rode, J. and G. Bell, "Entertainment Media at Home – Looking at the Social Aspects". Workshop at CHI 2006, Montreal, 22. April 2006.[pdf]

Barkhuus, L., "Why does everyone love to text message: social management with SMS". Poster to be presented at GROUP 2005. Sanibel Island, FL, USA. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L., "Ubiquitous Computing on the Run: Motivating Fitness by Computing Technology". Workshop paper in UbiComp 2005 Workshop: W10 – Monitoring, Measuring, and Motivating Exercise: Ubiquitous Computing to Support Physical Fitness, Tokyo, Japan. [pdf]

Brown, B. and L. Barkhuus, "Technology and geography: some work in progress". Workshop paper in ECSCW 2005 workshop: Settings for Collaboration: the Role of Place, Paris, France. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. and Vallgårda, A. Smart Home in your Pocket. Interactive Poster in Proceedings of UbiComp 2003 in Seattle . [pdf]

Barkhuus, L., Privacy in Location-Based Services, Concern vs. Coolness. Workshop paper in Mobile HCI 2004 workshop: Location System Privacy and Control, Glasgow, UK, September 2004. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L. Ubiquitous Computing: Transparency in Context-Aware Mobile Computing. Doctoral Consortium at UbiComp 2002 in Gothenborg. [pdf]

Barkhuus, L., Women and Computer Science - A Review of Computer Anxiety and its Relation to Computer Science in a Historical Perspective. Unpublished research paper, the IT University of Copenhagen, 2000. [pdf]