Nestled in the forests of Blekinge province is a sancturary, Lönnemåla. To locate Lönnemåla, look at map. Inside an imaginary triangle with Olofström och Svångsta at the base and Mörrum at the apex you'll is a little lake. Lönnemåla lies just to the north of the letter "le" in Uggleboda, right here. (Arne Nilsson ser på Svenska: "I centrum av en tänkt triangel med Olofström och Svängsta som bas och Mörrum som spets vid den lilla sjön norr om "le" i Uggleboda ligger Lönnemåla")

Click here for a more detailed map of the area. The house is located near point #49 by the lake. (See the web page)

A panorama of the grounds

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A view toward the lake

Sunset over Ruesjön

The proud fisherman with his catch:
son of the Gammal Gädda

I'm Mr Huggorm, so do not tread on me
(Annika Hultén)

An offering of bjornbär

The fruits of Summer

There are plenty of Svenska Jordgubbar....
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We picked a huge kantarell and made a kantarelltoast...mmm...
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A bumper crop of Blåbar!
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Midsommar 2003 at Lönnemåla

Midsommar 2007

300+ mm. of summer rains bring . .

High waters.. and..

A bountiful harvest...

Tomten watches from his
perch in the spättekaka

Juli den 4:e

Å och A

Making fläder saft

Interactive Map

Lönnemåla C, bygnadde i 2000.

Var lyser solen?