Area Light & Fresnel Dielectric & Ashikhman BRDF

Area light with one Fresnel Dielectric model that absorbs light using Beer's Law and 3 models based on Ashikhman BRDF. The skeleton models have 1 million triangles and my AABB tree used a surface area heuristic.

Texture Mapping

OBJ model imported and converted to a PLY model with texture coordinates. I then created a PLY parser that read in the texture coordinates.

Volumetric Cloud

Made using a Fractional Brownian Perlin Noise with 6-8 octaves and an implicit blob function with two control points. Ray marching steps were limited to 20 intervals. I spent the majority of my time trying to create a volumetric fog, but was unable to get a realistic image, so I ended up making clouds instead.

Model & Cloud

Dragon and mountain models with textures, as well as a volumetric cloud in the background.