Programming Systems Publications
Programming Systems Publications
│ 2009 │ 


Staged Information Flow for Javascript, Ravi Chugh, Jeff Meister, Ranjit Jhala, and Sorin Lerner, PLDI, 2009.

Type-based Data Structure Verification, Patrick Rondon, Ming Kawaguchi, and Ranjit Jhala, PLDI, 2009.

Proving Optimizations Correct using Parameterized Program Equivalence, Zachary Tatlock, Sudipta Kundu, and Sorin Lerner, PLDI, 2009.

Equality Saturation: A New Approach to Optimization, Ross Tate, Michael Stepp, Zachary Tatlock, and Sorin Lerner, POPL, 2009.

Verifying Reference Counting Implementations, Michael Emmi, Ranjit Jhala, Rupak Majumdar, and Eddie Kohler, TACAS, 2009.