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C  O  U  R  S  E  S

Advanced Data Structures (CSE 100) - Descriptive and analytic introduction to data structures and algorithms. List, table, priority queue, disjoint subset, dictionary data types. Data structuring techniques including linked lists, arrays, hashing, trees. Run time performance using Big-O notation; worst case, average case and amortized analysis.

Storage Systems (CSE 102) - Descriptive and analytic introduction to file structures and storage media. Sequential files, external sorting; index structures, B+trees, linear hashing; random and sequential access storage devices, RAID, reliability, Datum, Prime and PDDL declustering, SID video servers.

Storage Systems (CSE 226) - Secondary storage systems, disk drive modeling and analysis, reliability, redundant arrays of inexpensive disks, striping, log and maximum distance separable data organizations, sparing, Datum, Prime and PDDL declustering.