EBU3b Project Requirements

The goal is to engage CSE people in specifying the functionality, features and the spatial relationships of the new CSE building (referred to as EBU3b). This website is set up to help fomulate, inform and communicate EBU3b building project requirements. This website is meant for CSE people, architects and project managers from UCSD and the architectural firm Bohlin, Cywinski, and Jackson.

Brief Overview

Sketches and Drawings

Warren College Planning Study Update
Preliminary Plans from BCJ


August 10, 2000, 8:30-10:30 AM, APM 4882
DPP Review; Attendees: Jon Jackson, Roxanne Sherbeck, Michael Downs, Kim Apel, John Desch, Larry Carter, Andrew Chien, David Hutches, Michele Foley, Mohan Paturi, Jan Cox, Rick Ord, Geoff Voelker and John White
August 10, 2000, 1-5 PM, APM 4131
Architects from BCJ will meet CSE people and tour the space that they live in. Schedule
August 15, 2000, 8-1 PM, APM 4882
Architects from BCJ will meet with various groups of CSE people to listen to their space requirements.
August 15, 2000, 1-5 PM, APM 4882
BCJ works in APM
August 16, 2000, 8-12 PM, APM 4882
Architects from BCJ will present some ideas and sketches to CSE people and obtain their feedback.
Schedule to be determined.
August 16, 2000, 1-5 PM, APM 4882
BCJ works in APM
August 17, 2000, 9-11 PM, APM 4882
Status Report; Attendees: BCJ Team, CSE Team, and Michael Downs


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Jon C. Jackson, AIA, Principal
Roxanne Sherbeck, AIA, Project Manager
Project Manager
Michael Downs, AIA, UCSD Facilities, Design and Construction
CSE Building Committee
Larry Carter
Jan Cox
Michele Foley
David Hutches
Mohan Paturi, Chair,
Geoff Voelker

Discussion Topics

Consolidated Requirements: A first attempt to consolidate the requirements and define basic functional types.

We hope to receive comments from CSE people on a variety of topics related to the spatial organization in EBU3b building. On each topic, we tried to organize available information. Please read available information before your post comments.
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  1. Research Space, i.e. offices and labs for Faculty, Researcher, Lecturer, Grads, Visitors, and Faculty Assistants
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  2. Public Interaction Spaces, Meeting Rooms, TA Office Rooms, and Auditorium: Traffic Flows, Building of a Community
    Request from Women In Computing
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  3. Undergraduate Student Services and Undergraduate Laboratories:
    Student Affairs Space Plan
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  4. Graduate Student Services and General Access Laboratories:
    Some Current Ideas
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  5. Administrative Staff Offices
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  6. Computing Staff Offices
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  7. Computing Infrastructure
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  8. Specialized Laboratories and Machine Rooms
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  9. Building Physical Security
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  10. Public and Service Facilities
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  11. Operable Windows
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  12. Interior Design, Lighting, Furniture, and Ergonomics
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  13. All Other Issues
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