Abstract of the Thesis

Modeling Digital Continuous Media over ATM Networks


Fang-Pin Chang

Master of Science in Computer Science

University of California, San Diego, 1996

Professor George C. Polyzos, Chair

Advances in the area of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology as well as the proliferation of the transport of Digital Continuous Media (DCM) packet switching networks call for a re-examination of issues such as multicasting, traffic characterization, delay and loss management. In this thesis, modeling is employed as a method to study the behavior of DCM being transported over ATM networks. After demonstrating the accuracy of our models in the calibration phase, we present the models we have constructed to simulate the transport of DCM over ATM networks. We then investigate ways of managing as well as concealing loss and delay, thereby increasing the overall quality of service. We use MPEG-compressed video streams transported over ATM in our experiments and investigate traffic management techniques such as staggering, pacing, playback point buffering, and hierarchical coding through the use of our software models. Based on the results obtained and presented in this thesis, we can conclude that the implementation of one or more of these techniques can lead to significant increase in the quality of service ATM networks will be able to provide to their users, especially when DCM are transported over them, while at the same time making efficient use of the available network resources.