Who We Are

The Bioinformatics Consulting Group is a group of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students in various departments at UCSD who are interested in the application of computational, mathematical, or statistical methods in biology.  The group has a diverse skill set, and includes members with training in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and molecular biology.

Group Administrators

Eleazar Eskin  Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Ben Raphael  Postdoctoral Fellow, Computer Science & Engineering
Taylor Sittler Graduate Student, Bioengineering
Chris Workman  Postdoctoral Fellow, Bioengineering

Affiliated Faculty

Vineet Bafna  Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Trey Ideker  Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Pavel Pevzner  Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Nicholas Schork  Professor, Psychiatry (Medical School)


A number of graduate student consultants from the UCSD Bioinformatics Program and the Departments of Computer Science and Bioengineering participate on individual projects.