What We Do

Our group has two goals:

  1. To provide the research community with a resource for seeking assistance with computational, mathematical, and statistical issues that that may arise in biological/biomedical research.
  2. To broaden the bioinformatics training of our student consultants by giving them the opportunity to:
The emphasis of our group is the pursuit of these two mutually beneficial goals. Thus, the projects should not only benefit the researcher but also provide an educational opportunity for the consultant.

While our focus is to be a resource for the UCSD research community, we will be happy to evaluate requests from outside industry. Projects may be either long or short term.

What We Do Not Do

The problems posed to our group must be those encountered during the course of a research investigation.  We do not assist with homework problems or class projects.  We are also not a tutorial service and do not have the resources to offer academic instruction.