Results for the UCSD Fall 2012 Programming Contest

Faculty Coach: Prof. Michael Taylor
Graduate Student Coaches: Do-Kyum Kim, Whitney Maguffee, David Michon, and Mohammad Moghimi.
Exclusively sponsored by Dini Group.

On October 13, 2012, 50 UCSD students participated in the Fall 2012 UCSD Programming Contest over the course of five hours.

The contest consisted of 8 problems, and the top honors go to Julaiti Alafate for solving 6 problems with a combined time of 10h 27 minutes. James Mouradian placed second, Deepak Arulkannan placed third, Josh Tobin placed fourth, and Manoj Mardithaya placed fifth.

Thanks go to Mike Dini and The Dini Group for providing the prizes, food and drink, and support for the contest.

Whitney Maguffee, Mohammad Moghimi, Do-Kyum Kim, and David Michon and Faculty Coach Michael Taylor ran the contest.

Dini Group representative (and UCSD Alumnus) Neal Palmer
Awarding First Place to Julaiti Alafate (right)

The following are the top 25 finishers:

1Julaiti Alafate
2James Mouradian
3Deepak Arulkannan
4Josh Tobin
5Manoj Mardithaya
6Van Lam
7Enrico Tanuwidjaja
8Trevor Pottinger
9Devin Lundberg
10 Andrew Chen
11Tim Wheeler
12Kyle Barron-Kraus
13Scott Finkel
14Hoa Mai
15Jonathan Ben-tzur
16Ninad More
17Wai Ho Leung
18James Pascoe
19Zachary Grannan
20Miles Minton
21Alex Tsang
22Bonan Zhang
23Hyunwoo Cho
24Arno Khachatourian
25Clayton Anderson

Detailed results are also available.

Photos are also available.

The 2012 UCSD Programming Team (Top 12 Placers)

Clockwise, from NW corner:

Whitney Maguffee (UCSD Programming Team '11; Grad Coach '12)
Do-Kyum Kim (UCSD Team '09; Grad Coach '10,'11,'12)
Faculty Coach Michael Taylor from the UCSD CSE Dept
David Michon (UCSD Team '08, '09,'10; Undergrad Coach '12)
Mohammad Moghimi (UCSD Grad Coach '10,'11,'12)

1st place winner Julaiti, "in the zone"

Neal Palmer of Dini Group, David Michon, and
Mohammad Moghimi all got a chance to hack at the contest as well!

25 Pizzas from Regents Pizzeria were ordered and consumed!

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