Fall 2017 UCSD ACM Programming Team
Co-Captains Faculty Coach Graduate Coach
TBA Joe Politz Igors Stepanovs, Yuliang Li

This is your opportunity to join the UCSD ACM Programming team.
The goal is to allow UCSD folks to practice and improve their
skills and compete against other teams in the US and across the World.
And if you do well, you will compete in the So Cal contest, and
maybe even in the WORLD FINALS in exotic South Dakota, USA.

UCSD has gone to the Worlds a number of times.


You are eligible to be part of the team if you are:

(Note: many first-year graduate students are eligible.)


The online contests are usually fairly hard, so we recommend that you practice before you compete.
If it is your first time, assume that you will not do that well the first time, since you are not familiar with the system.
Shoot for getting one or two problems right. Then, when solutions are posted, look at them.
Everybody takes a little time to get up to speed and we will take that in account when selecting the SuperTeam.

1. A little bit of practice on easier questions goes a long way. Practice solving questions at https://uva.onlinejudge.org/.
See how many solved the question for a proxy of easiness.

2. A large part of the contests is to know how to test your own program and how to catch the end cases.
The above website will allow you to practice a few problems and
the automated judging system will let you know if you missed something (just like at the real contest).

3. Programming contests have a disproportionate amount of stdin parsing code, so it's worth brushing up on that.


Languages: You can program in either C, C++ or Java

Editors: Emacs, Vi, etc...

Official Instructions

Make sure you have your programming language, algorithm, math, geometry, graphics, and reference books and notes with you to the contest. You cannot access any material over the internet. You can only use the default help system, javadocs, etc... You can use any written material or books you bring with you.

Here are some tips and hints for competing and coding in the contest. These will not be given out at the contest, so you probably want to print these out and bring them with you (you will not be able to access the internet at the ACM competitions, and should not use it other than to access the contest sites for practices).

Tips for competing in the contest

C++ and Geometry Hints
Java Hints

Prior years