CSE 80 -- Lecture 11 -- Feb 11

Assignment 4:
Write a shell script which reads a grades database -- same as for assignment 3 -- and generate a GIF bargraph histogram plot for the students' total scores. There should be a total of 10 bars.

The plot script that I went over in class is available. Note that the input accepted by this program is different from that of assignment 3, and it assumes that the user's PATH envariable contains all the necessary programs -- yours should accept assignment 3 , and should not make the PATH assumption: anybody should be able to run your script.

In addition to the grades-to-histogram script, you need to provide a Makefile which contains the necessary rules so that with that Makefile and your grades-to-histogram script, the user can type in:

$ make

when there is a file named foo.grades for all possible foo, i.e, no modifications to the Makefile should be necessary regardless of the name of the .grades file.

The lecture went over the plot script, talked about gnuplot used by this script, and also the netpbm/pbmplus packages. The Portable Bitmap package defines a `central' graphics so that only O(n) converter programs need to be written when there are n graphics formats instead of O(n2).

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