Paper on Internet Computing

Write a 15-page (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) paper on a topic of your choice relating to Internet Computing.

The topic may be broad, as in

{Fault Tolerance, Security, Operating Systems, ...} Issues in Internet Computing

or it may be more specific, as in the following topics we touched on in the seminar

  • Practical vs Theoretical Issues in Building Tamper-Proof Agents
  • Verifying Quality of Service
  • How to Build an Internet Computing Market Economy

    Your paper may be an analysis of existing work (you should gather ten or more references), or a "think piece" consisting of your original ideas on the topic (you should gather three or more references and relate your ideas to them). Limit your introduction/motivation to 1-2 pages, so that the bulk of your paper will be on your analysis or new ideas.

    The paper deadline has been changed, from Friday March 14 to Friday March 21. During the last week you will be asked to give a 10-minute talk to present your ideas to the seminar attendees.

    Feel free to send me email to bounce various ideas.