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CSE140: Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems


Professor: Tajana Simunic Rosing
Office hrs: TTh 3:30-4:30pm, CSE 2118
Email: * please put CSE140 in the email subject line *

Lectures: (section A00)
Tu/Th 2:00p - 3:20p in Center Hall 216
Discussion session:
Wed 7:00p - 7:50p Center Hall 113

TAs & Tutors:
Picture of Prateek Jakate
Prateek Jakate
Office Hours: Thurs 10 AM (B275)
Picture of Ashutosh Giri
Ashutosh Giri
Office Hours: Wed 5PM (B260A)
Picture of Ryan Anthony Balandran
Balandran, Ryan Anthony
Office Hours: Wed 1PM (B240A)
Picture of Dingcheng Hu
Dingcheng Hu
Office Hours: Sun 3PM (B240A)
Picture of Sung Rim Huh
Huh, Sung Rim
Office Hours: Fri 4PM (B215)
Picture of Melissa My Ly
Ly, Melissa My
Office Hours: Mon 11 AM (B270A)
Picture of Lan Wang
Wang, Lan
Office Hours: Mon 2PM (B260A)

Admin:   James Martinez
Office:   CSE 2225
Phone: 858-822-1516

Course Overview:

The objective of this course is to give an introduction to digital logic design.
Some topics covered in this class include Boolean logic, finite state machines, two-level and multi-level combinational logic design, combinational modules and modular networks, Mealy and Moore machines, analysis and synthesis of canonical forms, and sequential modules. CSE 140L must be taken concurrently.


The course lectures will follow a peer instruction format, a teaching model which places stronger emphasis on classroom discussion and student interaction. You will be expected to have completed the assigned reading prior to class and be ready to discuss with your classmates. We will use iClickers which can be purchased at the UCSD bookstore or you are also welcome to use REEF app on your phone or tablet.


Online required textbook: Digital Design by F. Vahid

Students are required to have an account in zyBooks and to complete assigned exercises prior to the beginning of classes. The following document explains how to sign into zyBooks. Make sure to select your section of the class in order to get credit for completed assignments in the online textbook.

Obtaining additional assistance

Please use the discussion forum in PIAZZA to ask questions and TED to check your grades. The fastest way to get answers to your questions about the course is by asking them during lecture, discussion section, and office hours. You can also ask questions by sending email to the instructor and the TA(s) (please put cse140 in subject line). We will try to respond to your questions as quickly as possible, but sometimes a prompt response may not always be possible.

Any students who feel that they may need additional accommodation due to a disability should contact the instructor privately to discuss these specific needs. Also, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at (858) 534-4382 as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations, such as alternative test-taking environments or note-taking services, are implemented in a timely fashion.


The final grade for this course will be assigned as following:

  • Class participation with clickers 5%
    • Note: to get the full participation grade each session you have to respond to at least 75% of iClicker questions in class
  • Online zybook exercises, 5%
  • Homework 10%
  • Exam #1 35%
  • Exam #2 45%
  • Bonus take home final max 1%

Online textbook exercises

This class requires students to complete online book exercises prior to the beginning of each class. The assignments of online exercises are specified on the schedule page. No credit will be given for late work.


Short homeworks will be assigned to complement the online exercises and to help prepare students for the class exams. Students are required to solve them individually and turn them into TED prior to the beginning of the class. There will be a 10% score penalty for 1 day late homework, and no points will be given for anything turned in passed that.

Acceptance of late work

One day late homework assignments are accepted with a 10% grade penalty. Zero points are given for all other late work. Exceptions for UCSD-sponsored athletic or other extra-curricular activities, documented medical emergencies, death of an immediate family member, or other such life-altering situations must be requested from the instructor as soon as possible.

Academic Dishonesty

As students in this offering of CSE 140, you are expected to know and abide by the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship (as described in the Student Conduct Code in the UCSD General Catalog), the Jacobs School of Engineering Student Honor Code, and the course policy described here. Please take a few moments to read and review these policies.

Homework must be completed individually. All exams are individual effort. Dishonest behavior will not be tolerated during an exam. Since you are expected to complete all homework and exams by yourself, you will be held responsible even if you plagiarize only a small portion of someone else's work. Providing your work for others to copy is also considered as academic dishonesty.

Any student violating UCSD's Academic Dishonesty or UCSD's Student Conduct policies will earn an 'F' in the course and will be reported to their college Dean for administrative processing. Committing acts that violate Student Conduct policies that result in course disruption are cause for suspension or dismissal from UCSD.