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Database Systems Principles
CSE132A Winter 2018

Course Policies

Integrity of Scholarship

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Incidents of plagiarism will be taken seriously, and could result in your expulsion from the University. Other penalties include, but are not limited to, receiving a grade of 0 for the assignment or test in question, receiving an 'F' for the course. You are assumed to be familiar with the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship and the course policy as described here. All students enrolled in this course implicitly agree to abide by the policies described in this document. If you have any questions about these policies, be sure to discuss them with us.

Re-grade Policy

Re-grade requests should be made to one of the TAs and will be accepted for one week only, starting from the day the assignment or exam is returned. If disagreements persist after the regrade, please see Professor Vianu. Tampering with any graded paper is considered a very serious form of cheating.

Late assignments

Makeups or extensions will not be granted except in true hardship cases. If you miss a deadline or a test due to illness or a personal emergency, let us know as soon as possible. An extension or makeup will be granted only if you can provide an adequate justification. You may be asked to document your absence, e.g. a note from a doctor or supervisor. If your absence is planned, then you must notify us in advance. If you are absent from a test or miss a deadline without a reasonable explanation, you will receive a zero grade, and similarly, late assignments will generally not be accepted.

Running out of computer time the night before the assignment is due is not a valid excuse for lateness. You are responsible for planning around such contingencies; you should monitor your account balance and inform us well in advance (at least 3 working days) of any deadline if your account balance runs out of time!!!!!!


In the interest of managing the email traffic generated in a course of this size, we ask that you stick to a few common-sense principles. First, we want to maintain free and open lines of communication so that we can communicate urgent information in a timely fashion. Thus, your email messages should be brief, for example "I couldn't come to office hours today and I need to talk with you about X. Can we meet sometime on Wed afternoon?" Questions about course content or assignments and exams are best handled in office hours. If you must use email, please try to solve your problem first with one of the TAs or tutors before contacting the professor. Please make use of the Piazza forum, which is an excellent way to discuss your questions with the TAs, tutor, instructor, and your peers.

We can usually respond to brief messages within one working day. Slightly longer messages may take more time to generate a response, and we may not have time to answer long and involved messages. Please keep in mind that email is not an adequate replacement for personal contact, which is vital part of instruction. In particular, email is not a substitute for office hours or for attending class.

If you have any questions about these policies please see Professor Vianu during office hours.