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Database Systems Principles
CSE132A Winter 2018

Homework Assignments

  1. Homework 1 (tuple calculus and SQL)
    Due Thursday, Feb 8, 11:59pm (see instructions for turning in on Gradescope)
    This is an individual assignment. Everything you turn in must be your own work.

  2. Homework 2 (SQL minimization and schema design)
    Due Wednesday, March 14, 11:59pm (on Gradescope, see instructions)

    This homework contains a problem on join minimization and a problem on normal forms.
    You can get started with join minimization and wait on normal forms until we have finished covering the material.

    This is an individual assignment. The usual criteria of academic integrity apply. All work turned in must be your own.
    If you have any doubt on what is allowed, please ask the instructor or a TA.
    BCNF decomposition