Lecture Schedule

Jan 8 Administrivia and Course Overview. Chapters 1-3, Chapter 4.4, Chapter 5.1-5.2
Jan 10 Minimum Spanning Trees. Kruskal's Algorithm. Union-Find Data structure Chapter 4.5-4.6. Section 5.1.4 of this book chapter (from Dasgupta, Papadimitriou and Vazirani). Slides
Jan 15 Rest of Union-Find. Heaps. Chapter 2.5. Chapter 4.3 Slides
Jan 17 Optimal Cache Replacement. Greedy approximation algorithms - k-center. Chapter 4.4. Chapters 11.1 - 11.2. Slides
Jan 22 Greedy approximation algorithms - k-center and set cover. Divide and conquer: Integer Multiplication, Strassen's Algorithm. Chapter 11.1-11.2. Chapter 5. Slides
Jan 24 Closest Pair of Points on the Plane. Dynamic Programming: String Reconstruction. Longest Common Subsequence. Chapter 6 Slides
Jan 29 Subset Sum. Independent Set in Trees. All Pairs Shortest Paths. Chapter 6. Slides
Jan 31 No lecture. Instructor out of town.
Feb 5 Dynamic Programming Problem Session. Chapter 6
Feb 7 Max Flows. Max Flow Min Cut Theorem. Chapter 7. Draft Slides
Feb 12 Midterm
Feb 14 Capacity Scaling. Preflow Push. Chapter 7 Draft Slides
Feb 19 Discussion of Midterm Solutions and Grading Scheme. Preflow Push Continued. Chapter 7 Draft Slides
Feb 21 Finish up Preflow Push. Bipartite Matchings. Problem Session. Chapter 7 Slides
Feb 26 Randomized Algorithms. Karger's Min-Cut Algorithm. Chapter 13 Slides
Feb 28 Expectation, and Linearity of Expectation. Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 5 Instructor out of town. Practice problem session.
Mar 7 Randomized Selection and Sorting. MAX 3 SAT. Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 12 Concentration Inequalities -- Markov, Chebyshev, Chernoff. Balls and bins. Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 14 Finish discussion of Practice Problem Set 5. Course Wrap-up. Chapter 13