Lecture Schedule

Jan 10 Administrivia and Course Overview. Chapters 1-3, Chapter 4.4, Chapter 5.1-5.2
Jan 12 Minimum Spanning Trees. Kruskal and Prim. Union-Find Data structure Chapter 4.5-4.6. Section 5.1.4 of this book chapter (from Dasgupta, Papadimitriou and Vazirani). Slides
Jan 17 Rest of Union-Find. Heaps. Chapter 2.5. Chapter 4.3 Slides
Jan 19 Optimal Cache Replacement. Greedy approximation algorithms - k-center and set cover. Chapter 4.4. Chapters 11.1 - 11.2. Slides
Jan 24 Integer Multiplication. Closest pair of points. Strassen's Algorithm. Started with Dynamic Programming Chapter 5. Slides
Jan 26 String Reconstruction. Longest Common Subsequence. Edit Distance. Chapter 6 Slides
Jan 31 Subset Sum. Independent Set in Trees. All Pairs Shortest Paths. Network Flows. Chapter 6. Chapter 7.1, 7.2 Slides
Feb 2 The Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem. Ford Fulkerson Algorithm. Capacity Scaling. Chapter 7.1-7.3 Slides
Feb 7 Preflow Push Chapter 7.4 Slides
Feb 9 Preflow Push: Running Time Analysis Chapter 7.4 Slides
Feb 14 Midterm
Feb 16 Midterm Solutions. Flows and Matchings Chapter 7 Slides
Feb 21 No Class. Instructor out of town.
Feb 23 Randomized Algorithms. Contention Resolution. Properties of Random Variables. Chapter 13 Slides
Feb 28 More on Linearity of Expectation. Karger's Min-Cut Algorithm. Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 1 Randomized Selection and Sorting. Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 6 MAX 3SAT. Variance. Markov's Inequality Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 8 No class. Instructor out of town.
Mar 13 Chebyshev and Chernoff Bounds. Balls and bins and Hashing. Chapter 13 Slides
Mar 15 Rest of Balls and Bins and Hashing. Bloom Filters Chapter 13