CSE 130 - Programming Assignment #8

Best Picture Contest

10 points

Must be turned in no later than 4:59:59 PM on 3/21/2007
(see submission instructions below)

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Assignment Overview

The overall objective of this assignment is for you to vote on each other's generated pictures.

  1. Download vote.txt
  2. Look throught all the images submitted for PA 2
  3. Put the number of the images in vote.txt corresponding to your preference
  4. Example:
    PA 2 - Grayscale - First Choice: 12345
    PA 2 - Grayscale - Second Choice: 456789
    PA 2 - Grayscale - Third Choice: 3434343

    Only add the numbers in red. Do not change the format of the file at all.

Submission Instructions

Submit your vote.txt file on ieng6.ucsd.edu as follows:

turnin -p vote -c cs130w vote.txt

The turnin program will provide you with a confirmation of the submission process; make sure that the size of the file indicated by turnin matches the size of your tar file. See the ACS Web page on turnin for more information on the operation of the program.