CSE 130: Programming Languages, Winter 2006

Instructor: Ranjit Jhala

Lectures: Tue,Thurs at 5:00PM--6:20PM in HSS 1330.

Discussion Section: Fri at 10:00AM--10:50AM in CENTER 113.

Integrity of Scholarship: University rules on integrity of scholarship will be strictly enforced.  By taking this course, you implicitly agree to abide by the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship described on this Web Site. In particular, "all academic work will be done by the student to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind."

You are expected to do your own work on all assignments; there are no group projects in this course.  You may (and are encouraged to) engage in general discussions with your classmates regarding the assignments, but specific details of a solution, including the solution itself, must always be your own work.  There will be graded assignments and exam in this course, as described below. All exams are closed book; no implements other than your brain and a writing instrument are to be used.

Incidents which violate the University's rules on integrity of scholarship will be taken seriously.  In addition to receiving a zero (0) on the assignment/exam in question, students may also face other penalties, up to and including, expulsion from the University.  Should you have any doubts about the moral and/or ethical implications of an activity regarding the course, please see the instructors.