Directions for installing GLUT:

For those of you working on your personal computers/laptops/etc, you need to download the GLUT libraries from the class web page (under the sectioned titled 'Resources'). The download will be in the form of a .zip file. Unzip the file in a new directory, and do the following:

1) Copy glut32.dll into %WinDir%\System and %WinDir%\System32
2) Copy glut32.lib into $(MVSDir)\VC98\lib
3) Copy glut.h into $(MVSDir)\VC98\include\GL

... Where
1) %WinDir% is the directory in which Windows is installed (typically
either \Windows or \WinNT)
2) $(MVSDir) is the directory in which Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 is
installed (VC++ is installed its subdirectory VC98)