CSE 141: Computer Architecture (Summer 2011)

Instructor: Sat Garcia


Welcome to CSE 141!


All Course materials will be on moodle this quarter. Please go to csemoodle.ucsd.edu and login. If you are unable to login (after July 31):

  1. Make sure you are enrolled in the class. You will be able to take make-up reading quizzes if you enroll/gain access to moodle late but you want to register as soon as possible to avoid falling behind.
  2. If you are an extension student (from another university, professional, high school student, etc.) make sure you register for an active directory account first. You can register here. If you have issues registering your active directory account, please contact ACMS.
  3. After registering for the class and registering (if necessary) for an active directory account, please e-mail Greg, one of our excellent TA's, at g1long@ucsd.edu

Basic Course Information: