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Class: The class meets Mondays and Wednesdays in CSE 2154 (aka EBU3B 2154) from 2-4:50 pm.

Instructor: Matthew Tong (
Office Hours:
  Mon and Wed, 5:00 - 5:30 pm in CSE 2126
  Thursday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm in CSE 2126

TA: Albert Park (
Office Hours:
  Wed 1:00 - 2:00 pm in AP&M building annex room 1832
  Fri 10:00 - 11:00 am in AP&M building annex room 1832

Discussion sections(starting 2nd week):
  Tues 1-2pm, WLH 2204
  Wed 10-11am, WLH 2205

Required text: Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susanna Epp is required and is available at the bookstore. Homework assignments will be from the third edition unless otherwise specified. See errata for corrections.
Recommended supplemental text: A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics by Bender and Williamson. You can get copies online for free (as pdfs) here.

Ubiquitous Presenter: Inked slides will be available via the Ubiquitous Presenter system. If you don't have a login already, you will need to register. Then enroll in the course CSE_20_Summer_2009 using the password given in class (if you didn't get it, email the instructor). The system also allows interactive feedback during lectures, which we may make use of as the course progresses.

Discussion Board: You should have received an announcement on how to access the board - if not, please email the instructor. Feel free to ask any question. Likewise, feel free to answer questions, but avoid giving entire answers(hints are more effective).

Peerwise: We'll be using Peerwise as a way to let you ask and answer questions. Having to think about the material to develop intelligent questions is a good way to learn, and the feedback from your peers is a good way to refine your ideas. For most of you, your logins will be your email and the password as given in class. You do not need to register - the folks at Peerwise did this for you.

  1. 10% - Participation/quizes
  2. 15% - Homework
  3. 20% - Midterm 1
  4. 20% - Midterm 2
  5. 35% - Final

Academic honesty: All students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the rules of UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship as described in the UCSD General Catalog. In case of cheating, such policy will be enforced. Working together on homeworks and to review the material is allowed (and encouraged) but you must write your own answers and you MUST CITE any sources of aid or information (other than the textbook). No collaboration is allowed on midterms or the final.

Regrade requests must be made within a week after the exams are first passed back. Do not alter your exam in any way before making such a request.