CSE 120: Principles of Computer Operating Systems

Summer Session I, 2009


For this course students will use PeerWise to engage the course material and to assist each other in studying for the midterm and final. Student are required to submit one question and review 5 questions every Tuesday and Thursday before 11:59pm.


Students can log in to PeerWise using their full @ucsd.edu email address as their user name and "cse120" as their password. Please change your password to something more secure after you have first logged on to PeerWise.

An introduction to PeerWise and instructions on getting started can be found here.


Each student will earn 5 percentage points toward their final grade by completing all the assigned PeerWise questions/reviews. A student will forfeit one percentage point for each missed PeerWise assignment up to the 5 points available. Students may choose (and are encouraged) to submit additional questions and reviews beyond those required. While this will serve as an excellent study opportunity, no extra points will be assigned.