CSE 20: Discrete Math

Welcome to CSE 20!

Instructor: Cynthia Lee
Email: clbailey@cs.ucsd.edu*
Office Hours: 2-3pm Wednesdays, EBU3b #3254

TA: Sat Garcia
sat at cs.ucsd.edu*
Office Hours: 4-5pm Mondays, EBU3b B240A.

* Questions: All non-confidential questions should be posted to the webboard instead of by email to the instructor or TAs. This is to facilitate faster responses and allow all students the benefit of the answer.

Class Meeting: MWF 12-1:50 in EBU3b (CSE building) 2154
Discussion: TuTh 12-12:50 in EBU3b (CSE building) 2154
Final Exam: Saturday, August 2, 8:00 a.m. - 10:59 a.m. location TBA

Prerequisites: CSE 8A or 8B or CSE 11. CSE 8B or CSE 11 may be taken concurrently with CSE 20/Math 15A. CSE 20 is equivalent to Math 15A.

Textbook: Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susanna Epp is required. A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics by Bender and Williamson is recommended. A previous version is available online for free here.

Useful Links:
     Lecture slides (classroom: CSE 20 Su08, password to join class: cse20)
     Gradesource (your passwords will be emailed to you soon)
     Webboard (username is your UCSD email name, password is your PID (a########))


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