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No. Homework Posted on Deadline Comments etc.
00 PDF 29 Mar 06 Apr (11:59PM) This is a calibration homework based on prerequisite material
This homework does not have any credits and will be graded only
to provide feedback. We will grade this homework promptly only
if you submit before the deadline.

(Solution: PDF)
01 PDF 06 Apr 14 Apr (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF
02 PDF 15 Apr 21 Apr (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF
03 PDF 23 Apr 29 Apr (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF
04 PDF 30 Apr 07 May (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF
05 PDF 08 May 15 May (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF
06 PDF 17 May 26 May (11:59PM)
Solution to HW06: PDF

Here is an additional "parallel" hw#6.
This homework will not be collected.
This homework is designed to help you study for the final exam.

hw6parallel Questions: PDF
hw6parallel Solution: PDF
07 PDF 29 May 9 June (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF
08 PDF 02 Jun (11:59PM)
Solution: PDF