CSE 20: Discrete Mathematics

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This course is an introduction to discrete mathematics. If you have ever wondered “What sort of mathematics do I need for computer science?” this course will provide some answers. In particular, you will have the opportunity to learn basic concepts about boolean functions and number systems, predicate and propositional logic, elementary number theory, induction, equivalence and order. These are some of the essential ingredients in the toolkit of every computer scientist.

You are welcome to browse through this web site. There is a lot of useful material on-line. In particular, all homeworks, homework solutions, and the midterm exam will be posted here.

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Contact: The instructional team is regularly available on piazza and posting your questions on the discussion board is the best way to reach them. Confidential questions can be made as “private posts”. Instructor, TAs and Tutors will be available for group office hours as posted on piazza.

Instructor: Daniele Micciancio

TAs: Ivan Mikhailin, Christopher Tosh, Anisha Motwani, Ashutosh Parekh, Sakshi Shah

Tutors: David Hacker, Xinyi He

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