CSE 223B: Distributed Computing and Systems


There are no required textbooks for this course. The following books may help provide background for CSE 223B or help with lab programming. They are listed in rough order of usefulness.

Each lecture (except the first) will have one assigned paper to read. You should read this paper before coming to class, and be prepared to discuss it (written evaluations are not required). Occasionally we will also list recommended papers; you are encouraged to read those, but not required.


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

Due to the demanding nature of the programming assignments, they will be accepted late. The complete policy for late assignments will be announced at the beginning of the term.

There are programming labs due every week and a half for the first half of the term.

In the second half of the term you'll build a system of your choice, in small groups. It is expected that this system will build on the software artifacts created as part of the lab assignments, but this is not required. You'll also write a research-style paper on that system.


Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Date Topics Notes Readings
Tue 04/04 Class overview & introduction
Thu 04/06 Go Tutorial
Go Tutorial Slides
Tue 04/11 Remote Proceedure Calls
You may have read [BN84] in 221. [BN84],[SGK+85]
Thu 04/13 Class cancelled
Lab 1 due @ 11:59PM PDT
Tue 04/18 Distributed Shared Memory
Thu 04/20 Vector Clocks & Relaxed consistency (DSM)
Tue 04/25 Distributed Hash Tables
Lab 2 due @ 11:59PM PDT [SML+03]
Thu 04/27 Distributed File Systems (Logging)
Tue 05/02 Distributed File Systems (Metadata)
Thu 05/04 Class cancelled
Lab 3 due @ 11:59PM PDT
Tue 05/09 MapReduce
Cliff notes version also available [DG04]
Thu 05/11 Two-Phase Commit
Project proposals due.
Tue 05/16 Midterm Exam
Thu 05/18 Group Communication
Tue 05/23 Consensus
Thu 05/25 Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Project checkpoint [CL99]
Tue 05/30 Optimistic Consistency
Thu 06/01 Anti-entropy
Tue 06/06 Resource Management
Thu 06/08 Spanner
Tue 06/13 Final Exam (3:00-6:00pm)

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