CSE 205A

Logic for Computer Science

Spring 2017

Instructor: Victor Vianu
Email: vianu@cs.ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-6227
Time and place: Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-6:20pm, CSE 2154
Office hours: Wednesday 4-5pm, Thursday 6:30 - 7:30pm, CSE 4238

TA: Yuliang Li
TA office hour: Tuesday 11am-12pm, CSE 3240
The goal of this course it to introduce students to mathematical logic as a tool in computer science. After covering basic material on propositional and predicate logic, the course presents the foundations of finite model theory and descriptive complexity. Other topics, including temporal logic, model checking, and reasoning about knowledge and belief, will be discussed as time allows. Evaluation is based on homework sets and a take-home final.
Notes and books: class notes taken by volunteer scribes will be made available along the way. There is no single text for the class, but useful references include the following:
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