CSE20: Textbook, Spring 2017

   Textbook: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
             by Kenneth H. Rosen; 7-th edition, McGraw Hill, 2012 (ISBN-13: 978-0073383095)

               -- available in hard cover at McGraw Hill for $293.67 + shipping (new)
               -- available in hard cover at Amazon.com for $206.13 + shipping (new)
               -- available in hard cover at the UCSD Bookstore for $220.50 (used)
               -- available to rent for 180 days as an e-Book from McGraw Hill for $104.00
               -- available to buy or rent as an e-Book from Amazon.com for $104.00 to $184.00

Other buying options: There are many other ways to purchase this book from various vendors, both new and used.
Moreover, to save money, you can purchase an old edition of this book (see Guide to Older Textbook Editions). 
Nevertheless, all these options may be still quite expensive.

Automatic inclusive access: Therefore, this CSE20 course is taking part in a digital course material program 
called Inclusive Access. This new service enables the UCSD Bookstore to offer students instant access to online 
course materials at the lowest price possible. Specifically, you will have full access to an e-Book version of 
the textbook (for a period of 180 days) for $73.75. To access the e-Book, simply click here and login with your 
UCSD Bookstore account. All registered students are automatically enrolled in this program. Therefore, if you are 
registered in the course and do nothing, your UCSD Bookstore account will be charged $73.75 on April 15, 2017.

Opting out of inclusive access: If you decide you do not wish to participate in the program and pay $73.75 to the
UCSD Bookstore, you can opt-out of the inclusive access program by 04/15/2017. Access to the e-Book is free until 
04/15/2017, and it does not matter when you opt-out as long as you do this by the 04/15/2017 deadline. Click this
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