CSE20 Course Syllabus, Spring 2017

NOTE: The course plan below is tentative, and subject to change without notice

Weeks 1-2: Propositional Logic, Boolean Functions, Implication
Reading: Chapters 1 and 12 of [Rosen].

Week 3: Predicate Logic (with examples concerning primes)
Reading: Chapters 1 and 4 of [Rosen].

Week 4: Number Systems and Circuits
Reading: Chapters 4.2 and 12 of [Rosen].

Weeks 4-6: Properties of Numbers, Topics in Number Theory
Reading: Chapter 4 of [Rosen].

Week 7: Induction
Reading: Chapter 5 of [Rosen].

Weeks 7-9: Sets and Functions
Reading: Chapter 2 of [Rosen].

Weeks 9-10: Equivalence and Order
Reading: Chapter 9 of [Rosen].

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