CSE20: Administrative Details, Spring 2017

  Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:00pm -- 6:20pm
                             Peterson Hall (PETER), Room 108

Discussion: Mondays, 7:00pm -- 7:50pm, Peterson Hall (PETER), Room 108
            Wednesdays, 4:00pm -- 4:50pm, Center Hall (CENTR), Room 212

Difference between Discussions and Lectures:  The discussion sections will be 
led by the TAs, who will work out in detail specific examples and, sometimes, 
present clarifications and additions to lecture material. In contrast to this, 
regular class lectures will be more theoretically oriented.

Midterm: Tuesday, May 16, 2017, in class (usual time and place) Final Exam: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 7:00pm to 10:00pm Grading: Homework 25% (or i>Clicker 5% + Homework 20%, as explained below) Midterm Exam 25% Final Exam 50%
General Grading Policy: The Final Exam, the Midterm Exam, and the five homeworks will be generally scored out of 100 points each. Letter grades will be assigned according to the relative ranking of all the students registered for the course, based upon their overall course score.
Homework: There will be five homeworks, generally due bi-weekly according to the CSE20 course calendar. Late homeworks will not be accepted. Solutions will be posted here and on Piazza shortly after the submission due date. i>Clicker Participation: You have the option of replacing your lowest homework score by your i>clicker participation score. The latter score is determined as follows. For each i>clicker question asked in class, you get 1 point simply for answering the question, but if your answer is also correct, you get 2 points. More precisely, suppose that the total number of i>clicker questions you were asked during the quarter is N, you have answered M of these questions, and K out of these M answers were correct. Then your i>clicker participation score, out of a 100 points, will be computed as follows: 100(M + K)/2N. In computing the number N of i>clicker questions you were asked, we will drop your two lowest lecture participation days, which is roughly equivalent to one week's worth of excused absence. Also, we will start recording i>clicker points as of the second lecture. To make sure that your i>clicker answers are correctly associated with your name, please register your i>clicker by the end of the quarter. Missed Midterm Exam Policy: You may choose to not take the midterm exam. It does not matter if you get sick for the midterm exam, sleep late during the midterm exam, or even attempt the midterm exam but do not hand it in (you are free to do so). If you do not hand in a midterm exam FOR ANY REASON whatsoever, your Final Exam will count as 75% of your grade instead of 50%. If you do hand in the midterm, it will be counted, even if you did not intend to hand it in. No makeup midterm exams will be given. The Final Exam will be cumulative and will have at least as difficult problems as the midterm exam. Regrade Requests: First send an e-mail to UCSDcse20@gmail.com clearly explaining for which problem on which homework or exam you would like to request a regrade. In reply, you will receive the name of the TA who graded the relevant problem. To discuss the regrade request, please see this TA during office hours.

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