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Cluster Machines

We have set up a small cluster with 9 machines for you that you should use for all of the lab assignments. The machines are already running the Hadoop services, namely the JobTracker, the NameNode, the TaskTrackers and the DataNodes.

Machine Names:

  1. sysnet74.sysnet.ucsd.edu: JobTracker, NameNode, TaskTracker, DataNode
  2. sysnet76.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  3. sysnet86.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  4. sysnet89.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  5. sysnet90.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  6. sysnet91.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  7. sysnet94.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  8. sysnet96.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode
  9. sysnet97.sysnet.ucsd.edu: TaskTracker, DataNode

You will be sharing this cluster with other studnets in the lab, so you might have to be a little patient while waiting for your jobs to finish. You do not need to (and should not attempt to) format the file system or run the Hadoop servers with the start-all.sh script---all the necessary Hadoop servers are already running. In addition to the Hadoop services, Hadoop also runs Web servers that provide stats to the different services and status of the Map Reduce jobs.

You can visit the following URLs to see different statistics for our Hadoop cluster. These pages (in addition to the user logs) are useful when you're trying to debug your MapReduce information.

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