cse141L Lab 6: Bells and Whistles

Due: Varies. See below.

In this lab you will add new additional features to your processor design. You are free to propose anything you want, but you need to have your lab 6 feature approved by the professor or one of the TAs.

Possible features/ideas include:

Instead of a write up, you'll meet with a TA or the professor to discuss your experience implementing your new feature and demonstrating it. Questions you should think about ahead of the interview include

You can schedule your interview via this link. Once you choose an interview time, that is the due date for your new feature. No exceptions.

You can also sign up via the same form to demonstrate a working Lab 5 design to get an 'A' in the course. However, these interviews must be scheduled on the 6th or 7th (not the 10th). Again, no exceptions.


Your team should show up for the interview as described above.

Due: Varies. See below.