CSE 105: Intro. to Theory of Computation, Spring 2013

Section ID: 781670
Course Webpage: http://www-cse.ucsd.edu/classes/sp13/cse105-b/

Course Description: This course introduces the basic, formal ideas underlying the notion of computation. Syllabus: finite automata, regular expressions, context-free grammars, pushdown automata, Turing machines, decidability, undecidability, the halting problem, Turing reductions, map reductions, introduction to computational complexity.

Textbook: Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation. The UCSD bookstore sells a custom edition of the book, containing only the portion that will be covered in this course, corresponding to Chapters 0-5. If you already have the full book (2nd edition), that's fine too, and you can keep reading after the course is over.

Discussion board: We will be using Piazza for class discussion, posting important announcements, distributing assignments, etc. Sign up for the class on piazza clicking here and following the instructions.

Tools: Homework assignments will use JFLAP, a java program for experimenting with automata and formal languages. Follow the link to download jflap.

Schedule Day Time Room
Lectures Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00am-10:50am CSB 001
Discussion Wednesday 8:00am-8:50am PCYNH 121
Discussion Thursday 5:00pm-5:50pm CENTR 222
Midterm 1 Monday April 22 10:00am-10:50:am CSB 001
Midterm 2 Monday May 20 10:00am-10:50am CSB 001
Final Monday June 10 8:30am-10:50am CSB 001


Use staff email only for questions that require individual attention. Otherwise, post your question on piazza. If unsure if you question can be publicly posted, you can post it on piazza and mark it as "private", so that they are initially visible only to the instructor.

Name Office Hours Room Email
Instructor Daniele Micciancio Tuesday 1:30pm-3:00pm EBU3b 4214 daniele(at)eng.ucsd.edu
TA Olivia Simpson Friday 3-4:30 EBU3b B240A osimpson(at)cs.ucsd.edu
TA Brendan Duncan Monday 1:00pm-2:30pm EBU3b B240A baduncan(at)cs.ucsd.edu

Homework Assignments, Calendar and Grading Policy

Reading assignments for future weeks are tentative, and will be updated as we move on with the course material.
Homework Reading Notes
Week 1 (4/1-4/5) No HW, but you can work on problems at end of Ch. 0. Ch. 0, Ch. 1.1 Lecture Notes (DFA/NFA)
Week 2 (4/8-4/12) Monday: HW1 out Ch. 1.2 Homework 1
Week 3 (4/15-4/19) Monday: HW1 due, HW2 out Ch. 1.3 Homework 2
Week 4 (4/22-4/26) Monday: HW2 due, HW3 out Ch. 1.4 Midterm 1. Homework 3. Lecture Notes (FST)
Week 5 (4/29-5/3) Monday: HW3 due, HW4 out Review all Ch. 1. New: Ch. 2.1 Homework 4. Lecture Notes (A nonregular language)
Week 6 (5/6-5/10) Monday: HW4 due, HW5 out Ch. 2.1, 2.2 Homework 5
Week 7 (5/13-5/17) Monday HW5 due, HW6 out Ch. 2.3, Ch. 3.1 Homework 6
Week 8 (5/20-5/24) Monday HW6 due, HW7 out Ch. 3, Ch. 4.2 Midterm 2 on Monday 5/20. Homework 7
Week 9 (5/28-5/31) Wednesday: HW7 due, HW8 out Ch. 4, Ch. 5.1 Monday 5/27: Memodial Day (no class) Homework 8
Week 10 (6/3-6/7) Wednesday: HW8 due Ch. 5

There will be 8 homework assignments, 2 midterm exams, and a final. Midterm exams are scheduled during regular lecture hours, and everybody is expected to attend. There will be no make up midterm or final. Not showing up to either exam will count as 0 grade, unless your absence is due to a demonstrated personal health problem at the time.

You can take the textbook and 1 double sided sheet of notes to each midterm or final exam, but due to the limited amount of space in the classroom, you are not allowed to bring any other material for consultation. Also, the book and/or notes must be your own. You won't be allowed to share book/notes with other students.

Grades will be available through GradeSource. If you are enrolled in the class you will receive an email from gradesource with instructions and a secret number to access your grades.

Final grades will be based roughly on the following scale: 50-55% (D), 55-70% (C), 70-85% (B), 85-100% (A), with (+) and (-) assigned to the instructor discretion. This includes, but is not limited to improvement over the quarter, class participation, and natural "breaks" in the distribution of scores.

Homework assignments are due in class on the due date. (No late submissions accepted.) Homework assignments are not graded. You will receive 2 points for submitting it in full, 1 point for an incomplete submission. or 0 if you don't submit it on time. You class grade will be based on your Homework submissions (10% total), the two Midterm exams (20% each), and the final (50%).

Regrade requests. Regrades on midterm exams are only accepted within a week after the graded object has been returned. Do not modify your solutions after they are returned to you. If you alter your solutions, you loose any right to request a regrade of that exam. Modifying the exam and then bringing it back to ask for a regrade will be treated as a violation of academic honesty rules, and so prosecuted.

Academic honesty: All students are expected to be familiar with and abide by the rules of UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship as described in the UCSD General Catalog. In case of cheating, such policy will be enforced. This means an F grade in the course, and action by the Dean of your college (probation or suspension from UCSD). You are encouraged to form study groups to discuss the material presented in class and the homework assignments. However, you should write the solutions to the homework on your own. You can use Internet, additional textbooks, and any material you find useful as a study tool. However, the use of any such resource in the solution of homeworks assignments should be clearly aknowledged in your solutions. No form of collaboration is allowed during midterm and final exams.