CSE 222a: Computer Communication Networks

Assignment 1 Submission Guidelines

You must include a makefile with your submission. When we run make along with your makefile the webserver should be created as a single file called server.

Make the server document directory ( the directory which the webserver uses to serve files ) a command line option. The command line option must be specified as -document_root. Also, make the port the server listens on a command line option. The option must be specified as -port . Thus, we should be able to run your server as:

$ ./server -document_root "/home/rbraud/assignment1_files" -port 8080

Note that there is no slash at the end of assignment1_files.

To submit your assignment please email a tarball as specified below to rbraud@cs.ucsd.edu with the subject line "CSE 222a assignment 1".

Please construct your tarball so that when your TA untars it, he will have a directory named "your last name." If you worked in a group, the directory name should be "lastname1-lastname2." Also name your tarball "lastname1-lastname2.tar." For example, suppose John Doe and Jane Smith worked together. They will put all of their files in a directory called doe-smith. Then they will tar that directory by typing "tar -cvf doe-smith.tar doe-smith/*." This will make your TA very happy. Please include the following files in your tarball:

  1. A short writeup. This should consist of the following:
    1. The names of all people involved along with their email IDs.
    2. What all functionality is implemented in your webserver.
    3. What are the problems(if any) with your webserver.
    Writeups should preferably be typeset
  2. All the files for your source code only. Please do not include any executables.
  3. The makefile.